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Name des Begriffes: CoSSMic

Collaborating Smart Solar-powered Microgrids (CoSSMic)

The fluctuating nature of decentralised renewable energy production limits the achievable levels of self-consumption and self-sufficiency of building micro-grids with local PV production. Coordinating load shifting, use of storage, and exchange of excess power in the buildings in a neighbourhood could alleviate this situation and bring significant benefits in terms of reduced power bills for the house owners, reduced peak loads on the public grid and in turn reduced need for fossil fuel based backup production capacity.

To exploit this potential, the CoSSMic project is developing an innovative autonomic ICT based system, controlling the energy usage and storage and the exchange with the public grid of clusters of collaborating micro-grids. The system is governed by preferences and constraints set by the building inhabitants, using modern interaction devices such as smartphones and touchpads, and is exploiting pricing signals and other demand side guidance provided by the electric power retailers and public grid operators. Storage can be provided by dedicated batteries, and also by battery powered units connected temporarily for charging, e.g. electric cars. Weather forecasts will be used to predict power needs and thus enable near optimal coordination. The economic benefits will be shared among the neighbours according to reward based business models ensuring sufficient rewards to the users willing to share resources and collaborate to optimise the overall working of the power grid.

The Internet plays a central role in the CoSSMic solution as the communication infrastructure connecting the buildings in the neighbourhood and the user interaction devices, and providing access to information provided by external sources. The design is based on the peer-to-peer principle and the software will be provided as open source, in order to enable the bottom up emergence of neighbourhoods stimulated by the achievable benefits, without command by a central authority and the need to invest in central equipment.

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